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Western Europe

What to Do in France and Western Europe

Notre Dame Cathedral is on the Banks of the Seine River

What to do in France and Western Europe is probably going to begin for most in Paris, but certainly should not end there. Paris is a wonderful city, and its architecture is something that will draw you in right away. But to truly get a feel for Paris, you have to get the tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the  Notre Dame Cathedral out of the way and get into the neighborhoods. There on the sidewalk cafes and small shops you will truly understand the lure of this remarkable city. But more about the many things Paris as part of your Europe holiday has to offer in a later article.

For the purposes of this website, we will include what to do in France. But although France is the vacationer’s hub in Western Europe, you will not want to limit yourself to just France or you will miss out on many vacation opportunities. The low countries of The Netherlands and Belgium offer many attractions. In our geographic breakdown of Western Europe that we will use on this website, we will include Portugal, Spain and France not including the Mediterranean area, Switzerland, western Germany, and the Low Countries, but not the British Isles. We will talk about that area on another page.

What to do in France Requires Knowing How to Get Around

Eurail Selectpass

Eurail Selectpass

The best way to navigate Western Europe, and especially if you are basing your trip in France, is to use Rail Europe. For more than sixty years, Rail Europe has shown North Americans what Europeans have known all along, that the best way to travel in Europe in by train. On this easy-to-navigate site, you will be able to buy country and regional passes, book sleeper cars, find scenic trains and tours, and a whole lot more.

There are numerous promotions and special buys, but it pays to book as far in advance as you possibly can. We have saved ourselves a lot of money by booking six months in advance, as much as nearly 50%. Traveling off-peak times during the day will also get you savings. As long as your distances aren’t too long, or if you don’t mind spending time on the train, it’s a great way to go. Security is a breeze compared to airline travel. Plus the train stations are usually in the center of the city and link up easily to the Metro Trains.

Rent a Car and Driving in Western Europe

If you really want to get into the countryside, and there is a whole lot to see there, driving is not difficult. Unlike the British Isles, driving is the same side of the car and the road as in America, and the roads are easy to navigate. The cities can get quite congested, but probably no more than the large metropolis in the United States. And the price of gas will probably shock most American travelers. So before automatically thinking you will need a car, check out Rail Europe and navigate your trip through them.

Canadian travellers - Buy European rail tickets

Canadian travellers – Buy European rail tickets


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