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Tuscany Spa- If You Love Natural Spas, Don’t Miss This One

The Little Known Tuscany Spa Springs

Imagine, spa lovers, enjoying an Italian Tuscany spa that is a natural hot spa spring in what has been described as the “eighth wonder of the world”, according to the great composer Giuseppe Verdi.  Grotta Giusti is the home of the largest underground hot water lake in Europe.  Hot spa springs in Italy are now the latest craze gripping Italian tourists.  Hot spring hopping, as yet not fully commercialized, involve driving narrow, often pot-holed roads, seeking out nature’s wild waters and spas, and many of them are free.

How Hot Tuscany Spa Springs Were Found

The underground Tuscany spa area was first discovered in May 1849, when miners working on the Giusti family property accidentally discovered hot steam rising out of the earth.  They enlarged the hole and discovered the area which until then was unknown.  Over the years, people have become fascinated with the shape of the stalagmites and stalactites, and the air maintains a constant temperature in summer and winter, ranging in temperature from 88 F to 93 F, with approximately 100% humidity.

Old Florence And Modern Tuscany

Old Florence And Modern Tuscany

The atmospheric pressure is constant in all parts of the Tuscany spa. Despite the temperature and high humidity, staying in any of the areas is a pleasant one.  There is a constant and efficient exchange of air due to an unexplained mechanism that naturally regulates these conditions. When you take a vacation to the Mediterranean it is definitely a “must see”.

When at the Italian spa, there are numerous choices to make when you are doing your hot spa springs hopping.  The steamy, fizzing pools of busy Bagni di Petriolo, which is free, as is the not so busy Casciano dei Bagni, are places to start.  For the fashionable elite, there is the Bagni di Lucca, and Terme di Saturnia, which has a cascading plumage of waterfalls, is an Italian spa that is also available.  This area is located about 30 miles northeast of Florence.  As stated earlier, many of the roads in this area are not well traveled, so it will take a car and an adventuresome spirit to get to this area that will never cease to amaze you.

A Tuscany Spa Trip is a Great Stress Reducer

If you need further enticing to explore this hidden gem, the hot spa springs baths which, when taken for a full 50 minutes, are said to eliminate all traces of stress, along with all body toxins.  Natural hot spa springs in Italy are said to help relieve degenerative arthritis, chronic rheumatism, gout, bronchitis and inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.  This is even if caused by allergy, and also diseases of the skin.

For those that do not have those afflictions, this is still a unique treatment for the restoration of the body and mind, as the detoxification process caused by high heat and humidity, together with the immediate sense of well-being provide an environment certain to chase away all stress.

So if you want an unfamiliar insight into Italy, which is more than just the wine, food, architecture, and culture, get in on the latest trend hot spa springs being enjoyed by locals, as well as tourists who are in the know and look for experiences that are more avant garde.  Coupled with a trip to Florence, which in itself is a great place vacation, this would be an experience that would include Italy’s Renaissance culture with its immense natural beauty.




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