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The Mediterranean

Trips to the Mediterranean- You Can’t Go Wrong

Of everywhere I’ve traveled to, for me my favorite area is the Mediterranean.  Trips to the Mediterranean will encompass the diversity of the destinations, from the history of the area, the truly breathtaking landscapes, the food, plus the people makes this an amazing area to experience.   And perhaps the nicest touch is the moderate climate.  This is an area where it is hard to go wrong no matter where you go.

I will point out some of the things you have to overcome when visiting the area, such as getting around.  Mostly it is the difficulty of the terrain, and in some places the drivers are quite aggressive.  But there are ways around this, and should never let it hamper you from experiencing this amazing area.  The one thing you will have to learn to do is become comfortable with public transportation. If, like me, you were not used to using trains and buses, it is not as difficult as it first seems, and it is quite efficient.  Check our website http://bestvacationeurope.com/ for updates on RailEurope and other modes of transportation.

We’ll Start Our Trips to the Mediterranean In Spain

A real hidden gem for most Americans is Spain, but not to most Europeans.  Vacationing in France and the French and Italian Riviera Area is more well-know, however quite expensive.  Italy varies incredibly from the northern part to Naples and south, from the food to the overall culture.  They are almost like separate countries, but by American standards very close together geographically.  As you venture east you’ll probably find the areas in general not as well off economically, but there are resort areas that are spectacular.  In the Eastern Mediterranean the Greek Isles are really something to see, especially Rhodes and Santorini.

Flavors Of The Mediterranean

Flavors Of The Mediterranean

You will probably have to be a little more adventurous to explore the countries south of the Mediterranean, as some have been plagued by political turmoil.  But if you plan ahead and are vigilant you have nothing to worry about.  Finally, the Western Mediterranean to Morocco has become a tourist Mecca and should be on your vacation destination list.

Your European Adventure Wouldn’t Be Complete without Taking Trips to the Mediterranean

To go there as part of your European vacation will be an experience you will never forget, and every time I have gone there I really cherish those memories.  We will also talk quite a lot about cruises on our site, as you will be able to visit most of the area from their various ports, and cruises are going all year around.  We welcome you to keep in touch with our site for more information on this wonderful area.