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Transportation in Europe

Rail Europe Will Get You Around Easier

When you take that long-awaited trip to the old country, transportation in Europe will be a prime concern.  Especially if you are coming from America, you probably think that to get around you will have to rent a car.  There is a better option, especially if you are visiting major metro areas in Europe.  We invite you to rethink the way you get around, and that is to use the vast rail network that makes traveling in Europe convenient, cost-effective, and very efficient.  It is also environmentally an effective way to see the continent.See the real Europe with Rail Europe

If you have traveled by train in America, you know of its difficulties compared to travel by automobile or air.  But with transportation in Europe the advantages of train travel multiply for several reasons.  Europe is more geographically condensed.  From London to Paris takes about two hours fifteen minutes, and once you reach your destination you are close to the center of either city.  That holds true for virtually every rail stop in Europe; it is easy to transfer to local transportation.  And the cities are just not that far apart.  Plus security is much faster to navigate as opposed to airport security.

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Here’s Some of the Advantages to Transportation in Europe

Better service.  Because more people use this mode of transportation, there are many more options to suit your travel schedule.  The rail complex in Europe has more than 100,000 miles of track, which means that it travels to a more diverse network of areas.

Cost effective.  Prices do vary a great deal, so it is always cost-effective to book as far in advance as you can.  By booking only one week in advance you could pay as much as three times what it would cost in comparison to booking three months in advance.  If you can plan your trip well ahead of time, you can save big.  Click on the Rail Europe icon and do a price comparison.

Energy efficiency.  This is something we should all be concerned about.  When transporting like numbers of individuals, it has been found that rail travel uses five times less energy than cars, and seventeen times less fuel than airplanes.  Plus it is extremely rare in Europe for there to be weather delays when traveling by train.

Specialty trains.  Train travel like the Orient Express are not cost efficient, but they are a luxurious and romantic way to travel.  Europe still has several options in this category.

So if you’re ready for that trip to Europe and want to explore this option, click here to see what Rail Europe has to offer.  We have used it to get around the continent, and I will vouch for the fact that it is an efficient way to travel.