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Things to Do in Amsterdam- The Venice of the North

Things to do in Amsterdam-Canal Boat Cruises

Canal Cruises are a Great Way to Explore Amsterdam

With the numerous things to do in Amsterdam, you have to take advantage of the many Amsterdam canal boat cruises on hand. Amsterdam is not known as the “Venice of the North” for nothing. Amid its three rings of canals establishing ninety islands, the city’s fundamental characteristic is water.

To look at this city on one of the exciting Amsterdam inland waterway cruises is without question the perfect approach to see this breathtaking city, whether you happen to be touring for a few hours or a few days. And as one of the greater touring cities in Europe, it is easy to get to by train or airplane.   If you are taking a vacation to this part of Europe and are looking for other areas in Northern and Western Europe, this is definitely a place to go.

Amsterdam Canal Boat Cruises began in 1621

A Travelers Guide To The Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam

A Travelers Guide To The Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam

The story of pleasure cruising on Amsterdam canal cruises harkens back to 1621, when Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia entered the town with a parade of admiralty sloops, cheering of the citizens from overpasses and canal sides. Since that time numerous VIPs like Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, and the Beatles have made their way throughout the city cruising the canals. Now it is essentially the most popular vacationer attraction within the Netherlands, with more than three million passengers a year. Almost every type of service imaginable that can be presented is available on one of these fabulous cruises, with a diverse fleet of roughly 200 specialized vessels in operation.

Private or Public Cruises Tops Things to do in Amsterdam

1. Private Amsterdam canal cruises. Virtually any event can be arranged on one of canal excursion craft. You will find water taxis for just getting about, to well-appointed saloon boats with five star services. These saloon craft go back approximately 100 years, when they were designed to cater to the rich guests of the important city hotels.

Many are restored and are a component of the fleet of vessels intended for Amsterdam river cruises. These are frequently operated by small businesses, and put forward amenities from a romantic dinner for two to a celebration with dozens of guests. Two hour candlelight cruises, a pizza cruise, a two hour wine and cheese cruise, and a vessel with a Hard Rock Cafe will be amongst a variety of options. One offers a scrumptious meal when cruising for an hour and thirty minutes prior to a visit at the Van Gogh Museum.

2. Public Amsterdam canal cruises. The majority of those are bigger businesses in service beginning at Central Station district, or the center of Amsterdam. For our Amsterdam canal cruise we employed an exceptionally comfortable canal bus that operates a regular service along three routes with fourteen stops close to major museums and city attractions. These have an excursion guide system with interesting commentaries on Amsterdam. Tickets usually are good until midday the following day, which enables you to jump on and off all day, if you want to tour the town that way. An alternative choice will be the open “whisper boats”, that  run two routes and travel through to spots within the city that are less traveled.

Other Things to do in Amsterdam

Other things to do in Amsterdam.  Bicycles are all over, and their riders rush about at speeds that seem to the tourist to be unsafe. You’d think there will be constant accidents in the disorder; however by some means they seem to dodge one another, as well as unsuspecting visitors. Still, do not spend all your time gazing on the marvelous sights.

Also, do not anticipate much banter from the waiters in dining establishments. They may be proficient, but they certainly don’t see their job as making small talk. That said, we really enjoyed our interesting Amsterdam canal cruises and our time there and will definitely go back. But it’s essential to see the city on the canals. Additionally, take a look at our page on vacationing in Europe for travel information and other fascinating things to do.



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