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Reasons to Vacation in Madrid, Spain

Five Main Reasons You should Holiday in Madrid

Even though Spain has had some economic issues during the past few years, it is still a hot-spot for European travelers. Its climate, rich culture and friendly folks turn it into a holiday spot for Europeans, yet still a bit of a not completely considered destination with Americans. In the hub within this wonderful part of the world will be Madrid, and I found it to be a spot everyone should consider when making holiday plans to Europe.

1. Geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula. Out of Madrid a person might reach a wide range of wonderful places within the Iberian Peninsula during a surprisingly short period of time. For example, in the event you are going out of Madrid for Barcelona, you will be traveling about as far as you can out of Madrid but yet remain on the peninsula. By high-speed train you can make the journey in under three hours, plus have numerous departure possible choices.

There are many destinations in Spain as well as Portugal that are entirely unique. Destinations such as Alicante, Seville as well as Granada, the place that the stunning Alhambra is situated, are only a few destinations you should look for ways to explore. These regions plus many others are easy to get to by train.

2. Wonderful food. What you eat is rather hearty, and you’ll undoubtedly wish to sample the tapas, which happen to be essentially snack-sized helpings which might be shared. Much like Italy where food is a very social affair, a number of varieties of tapas are usually shared by everybody at the table. The afternoon meal will often be the main hearty meal during the day, and supper will be by American norms very late: 10 to 11 PM.

3. Spanish wine. Although beer is gaining popularity with Spanish people, Spanish wines are some of the best within Europe. Vineyards are now sprouting up around the country on account of irrigation, technology, improved grape varieties and a lot of funding. The two foremost wine varieties have become Rioja along with Navarra.

4. Parks and green space. Madrid is known as among the greenest cities in the world. There are the second most trees in any city in the world, second to only Tokyo, Japan, and they are increasing their green space every year. It is believed that in the last 12 years green areas inside the metropolitan area have risen by about 16%, and today over 8% of the city of Madrid is green.

5. Art. The world-famous Museo del Prado is at the top of the long list of prestigious collections of art, but Madrid, and in fact Spain make art a part of their daily life. You will make out art everywhere you go; in my opinion probably more within Spain than at any place else in Europe. It really can be a pleasure just to walk in many areas of the city.

This European capital is a really unique place to just “be”, and also the people are delightful also. Put Madrid on your short list of places in Europe to take a trip to.

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