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Hostels versus Hotels

Hostels versus Hotels when Traveling in Europe

When traveling (and I have noticed this particularly in Europe), you will have a choice of staying in a hostel rather than a hotel.  You’ll find a few positives and negatives for making use of a hostel that we would like to point out here.  It really is challenging to oversimplify about exactly what a hostel is and just what it offers as there are numerous variations.  But you should be expecting minimally the three S’s: shelter, shower plus security for a lot less money than for a hotel room.  In turn you’ll definitely have little or no privacy.

In case you are traveling to connect with others and look at communing with complete strangers as part of your away-from-home experience, hostels may be ideal for you.  You may sleep in a dormitory setting with bunks and have common cooking area and bathrooms.  Having said that, as the hosteling business has grown, more will provide smaller units for going to sleep.  Some bathrooms may be segregated, however some may not.

Another aspect is where a hostel is found.  The majority are going to be located in the low rent districts around town, and sometimes in minority locations.  They could be as safe as in the hotel zones, but some might have to get over the sense of being misplaced.  In fact, if you are traveling and generally are partial to getting acquainted with different ethnicities, this may be the spot where you like to be regardless.  Hostels are not as commonplace in the United States as in numerous places around the world (particularly Europe), but major metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have a pretty wide selection.

Staff members will be very limited; you probably won’t have anyone to contact between 11PM to 8AM.  You will likely have to bring your personal bath towels, but bed linen will in most cases be provided (often with a small one-time charge).  Sleeping bags may be allowed, but may not because of sanitary restrictions.   Most everything that is provided in a hostel covers the three S’s, but everything’s designed to keep costs at the bare minimum.

As we said earlier it is difficult to generalize what you will find as far as cost reductions along with amenities.  The best thing would be to make inquiries regarding their requirements once you book, and then don’t come in with any predetermined notions.  Just be in a position to cope with inconveniences with a smile should you be comfortable with the conveniences most hotels offer.  Just simply by mingling with total strangers who are from different cultures, you’ll normally get an priceless education which will last a lifetime.  But it is essential to maintain an objective balance.

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