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Great Britain Travel and The United Kingdom’s Lesser-Known Aspects

See Many World Heritage Sites in Great Britain Travel

Literature that speaks to the tourist about Great Britain travel will go into great depth about the well-known tourist attractions in the country.  This is for good reason, as they are truly remarkable.  But after a very quick synopsis of these places, I would like to share with you what I have found to be some hidden gems in the entire region for the traveler with more than a few days to spend in this wonderful region, there are really some hidden gems.  For more information about vacationing in Europe, visit our website http://bestvacationeurope.com/.

Let''s Go Great Britain with Belfast and Dublin

Let”s Go Great Britain with Belfast and Dublin

Great Britain Travel Begins with It’s 21 World Heritage Sites

Great Britain has 21 World Heritage Sites, plus two more in Ireland.  London alone has four: Westminster Abbey (1987), The Tower of London (1988), Greenwich Maritime (1997), Kew Gardens (2003). All are well worth a visit.

Other sites that should be experienced when in London are St. Paul’s Cathedral, Leicester Square and its surrounding theater district, probably rivaling only New York for number and quality of theaters, Harrods’s Department Store, and Big Ben, or technically the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster.  Big Ben is the great bell that can’t be seen.  One of my favorite places is Covent Garden, just a short walk from Leicester Square and a very festive area with shops large and small.  The ever-present street entertainers give it an atmosphere that is really fun.

Eyewitness Travel Guides Great Britain

Eyewitness Travel Guides Great Britain

Also, you should see Buckingham Palace, even from the outside, but if you are in London in August or September when The Queen is away, a tour of the inside is really a must.  Also, Windsor Castle in the lovely town of Windsor outside of London is great to see, as well.  When purchasing your train ticket at Waterloo Station, ask the ticket vendor about package deals for train and castle tickets, as well as group rates.  I’ve always found them very helpful in securing you the best deal.

Other Places to Go for Great Britain Travel

Outside of London there are a number of sights to see.  Stonehenge is a well-known site worth visiting, and can be done on a day trip from London.  Another place I would highly recommend is the small city of Bath on the Western side of England.  The restored Roman Baths are truly fascinating, and the city has made somewhat of a small industry of day spas.  There you can relax for the whole day or enjoy a short treatment or complementary therapy at one of the day spas.

Trains run about every half hour from Paddington Station in London and take about an hour and one half.  A little further is Cardiff, Wales, which not only has a wonderful landscape but some of the nicest, down-to-earth people you will meet anywhere.  Edinburgh, Scotland is also a place you should attempt to see, and August for them is one long festival.  But book very early, like months before, or you won’t find a place to stay.

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