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Edinburgh, Scotland for Scottish Culture

Find the Culture of Scotland in Visiting Edinburgh

If you go to London, everyone is aware of the enduring sites that are part of this unforgettable city.  But just four and one-half hours away by train is an absolute treasure which you mustn’t miss.  My acquaintances in Glasgow are going to argue with me on this point, but if in case you have your pick between going to one of those two great cities north of England, by all means choose Edinburgh, Scotland.  I realize it’s hard to believe if you have the experience of train travel in America, but direct trains from London Kings Cross leave for Edinburgh every half hour, so departure times are never an concern.

Edinburgh Castle

At the time I lived in London, I had the chance to go to Edinburgh quite a few times.  Except for the weather, this is truly a spot everyone shouldn’t miss.  Its dramatic landscape, with the visual point the Edinburgh Castle looking down on the city perched on an extinct volcano, along with some of the best Georgian  architecture that can be found anyplace within the United Kingdom make it visually very pleasing.  Plus in case you are into history, the excursions underground with dungeons and stories of witchcraft are very fascinating.

The Time to See Edinburgh, Scotland is in August

But when you plan on going to Edinburgh, if in any way possible go in August.  Yearly for about 25 days in that month it is possible to attend the largest arts festival in the world.  Last year there were totally 2695 shows from 47 countries.  There is really a wide range of performing arts, with a important emphasis on theater and comedy.  Any type of performance may take part, as there is no selection group, so you can hit upon some innovative, experimental works.  Of the 2542 shows last year, 607 of them were free, and the majority had been very moderately priced.  I thought the talent ranged from “okay” to “excellent”, however the shows on the whole are abbreviated so it will be quickly on towards the next one.

The arts are one of the highlights of Edinburgh, as with all within the British Isles.  Outside of the festival time of year Edinburgh supports a number of production companies and theaters.  The National Museum of Scotland and five national galleries are located in the city, plus the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  One of the principal highlights many people make the most of (in fact, it’s the second most popular paid tourist destination in Scotland, will be the 82 acre zoo.  As of last summer they had two of the few panda bears outside of China.

Lastly, the Scottish people are really great to be around.  They are very friendly and accommodating, and they all seem to have a great sense of humor.  But at whatever time you visit Edinburgh, summer or winter, be sure to dress warm.  It rains a lot, and even in August the evenings can get rather windy and cold.  But you are going to still enjoy the experience.




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