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Eastern Europe on a Budget

Consider Eastern Europe While the Prices Are Low

When we think about that exotic holiday vacation spot, most of us consider Hawaii, Paris, or London, or maybe some seashore refuge. All are fantastic possibilities, but all can be extremely pricey. As a vacation spot you might want to think about places like Slovakia, Romania, and Poland.  These are usually are not considered exotic destinations by most vacationers, but historic Eastern Europe on a budget might be an option.

You Can Enjoy Some Interesting Cities in Eastern Europe on a Budget

There is not just rich history and culture in this locale, but Eastern Europe, previously considered a backwater area in the days it was recovering from communism, has now many locations which can be considered hot spots. Prague, Krakow, and Budapest will soon become almost as costly as Western European cities, and Romania’s tourism business is increasing quickly. In Prague alone you will find nearly 20 properties that list accommodation for $200 or more per night.


Many of those large metropolitan areas in Eastern Europe have a great deal to provide in the way of trendy dining places, attractions, and other amenities, but as the tourist trade grows the days of bargains everywhere are in all probability at an end. But for the wise traveler, there remain ways to see this remarkable region without breaking the bank.

Here Are a Few Ways to Save a Few Euro

1. Stay outside the town hub. What you’ll conserve on hotel rates by staying out of town and then using public transport to view the principal sights is going to be huge. Moreover, you’ll nearly always get extra for your money using a hotel not in the city center area. It continues to be possible to book great hotel deals in top quality hotels in some cities, like Warsaw and Vilnius, but as tourism increases in these spots rates may not stay down for long. Most of the national tourist websites offer a data bank of all places to stay to assist in your quest.

2. Airfare. With additional tourists going to Eastern Europe getaways, airfare is falling as a result. EasyJet, probably Europe’s biggest discount carriers, at present offers low-cost service to numerous cities in Eastern Europe, as well as many additional air carriers. Furthermore, those areas that still have high airfares, for instance Belarus, can still be reached fairly easily by going to a less expensive airport at a neighboring country and taking a train. Keep in mind, with budget airlines less expensive rates can almost always be found by reserving early. Also, pack light, as many of their domestic carriers charge heavy fines for extra poundage.

3. Travel in the course of the off season. As June through August is the premium travel season, you might save hundreds of dollars on places to stay and airline ticket during the off season. But do your research, as you’ll have to offset the savings with the questionable climate. Although the weather conditions could be inclement, in comparison winter temperatures in Warsaw are quite a bit higher than in Minneapolis.

As with most everywhere you will still be able get some senior concessions, but always ask.  Eastern Europe is, in general, still an excellent budget destination, but as tourism increases, you will have to dig some to get the most effective values. But tourism is escalating for a reason: because this area of the world has a great deal to offer the vacationer. At the present could be among the best times to observe historic Eastern Europe on narrow assets.

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