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British Isles

Things to Do in UK- World-Class History

Tower of London Located on the North Bank of The River Thames in London

When our tour of Europe gets to things to do in UK, or the United Kingdom, we should further break it down into the various cultures, as each has its own distinct flavor.  England could further be broken down into London, which is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, and the rest of England.  The other areas away from London are worlds away from life in the big city.

Most any trip to the British Isles will probably start in London, and whatever you do make sure you spend some time there.  London has four World Heritage Sites, the Tower of London, Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Maritime Greenwich and Kew Gardens, plus countless other interesting sites, and any one would be a great place to start on a London tour.  When you’re looking for things to do in the UK, plan at least a couple of days in one of my favorite cities anywhere.

Take the Train from London for Things to Do in the UK

Small and mid-sized English towns have a unique charm.  There is an abundance of small quaint shops and cafes, and normally there are ample open spaces and parks.  Typically the train station will drop off near the center of town, so you’re never a long walk to what the city has to offer.  As far as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is an additional 21 not including those in London.  My personal favorite is Bath, where the ancient Roman Baths are located.

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Wales- Land of Castles

Conwy, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, and Harlech are amazing due to their sheer scale and sophistication. They are huge and well-preserved, and they represent some of the best examples of medieval military architecture.  If you’re a golfer, Celtic Manor, which is home to the 2010 Ryder Cup, is always running promotions to play this fabulous golf course.

Scotland- Start with Edinburgh for Scotland’s Things to Do in UK

This is really a great, picturesque city, but be prepared to climb some pretty steep hills.  The castle sits atop the hill overlooking the city, and it’s quite a climb.  If you are into the arts and you can possibly book it, come to Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival every August.  There is a never-ending list of acts, including comedy, drama, singing and stand-up.  It starts about 10 AM and there will be some still going at midnight.  There are venues for these acts all over town, the costs aren’t huge and the ones we saw ranged from good to excellent.

Ireland- That Small, Enchanted Island that Charms Everyone

This small island has it all: plummeting coastal cliffs, meandering rivers, fjords, rolling mountains to windswept bogs.  The best time to go is late spring, the Irish say, as that is when the greens in the lush valleys are at their richest emerald.  Ireland’s dramatic landscapes are known the world over.  The golf is spectacular, and read the article on Irish golf if you would like learn more about Irish golf courses.


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