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Air Travel Tips- 4 Ways to Cut Costs

Airfare Tips That Can Save You Money

Travelers are always looking for opportunities to find low-cost airline travel, and there are ample opportunities that we will point out in these air travel tips. There is a lot of competition for our travel dollar, so we should keep in mind that it is a buyer’s market.  This will be particularly true considering that travelers commit a large part of their travel expenses with airfare.

Inexpensive airline travel discounts are out there but take some time to locate them. The bargains you can find depend on how flexible you might be regarding your schedule and just how far away from your trip date you’re arranging your flights.

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Four Ways to Save on Airline Travel

1.    Consider one-way tickets.  The popular perception is that a round-trip ticket would always cost less. However, it’s not always the case any longer. If you’ve shopped for airline tickets online as of late, perhaps you’ve noticed that some airlines’ fees are for a one-way trip.  At times it will save you additionally if you get two one-way tickets with two different air carriers.  A reverse case in point: we recently needed to get back to Chicago from London, but needed only a one-way ticket.  It cost less to book round-trip and not use the return portion.  The point is, check every option, as airfare is usually not based on logic.

2.    Low-cost fares when traveling during the holiday.  As we know, traveling during the holidays usually costs more.  So consider getting a flight that is earlier for the day of the holiday.  Even by picking a flight back in the busier time, you may nevertheless spend less over-all.  It all goes back to supply and demand, and many people don’t need to be bothered with the hassle on the holiday day.  Provided you are not one of these people, it may be a savings opportunity.

3.    Check websites to compare fares.  Use a fare-comparison website like Sidestep or Kayak to check your flight alternatives.  After you have selected your flight, the comparison site is going to direct you to the corresponding website to book the trip. These sites provide you with a quick look at who’s too high, as there is going to be some vast differences.

4.    Book your airline travel package well in advance.  Reported by Travel Daily News, an independent study made by Topaz International established that booking airline travel 21 days in advance had been as much as 51% less expensive than booking three days earlier. The same study didn’t find a major disparity with reserving 21 days or fourteen days previously, so if you’re only taking into account price, it’s highly recommended to reserve within that point of time, or even earlier.


Inexpensive airline travel bargains are out there however entail time and energy to locate them.  Often, traveling at reduced costs entails a few inconveniences.  It may well come down with the determination of what’s more important to you: convenience or saving money.

Although there are many senior discounts for travelers, the air carriers have for the most part eliminated them.  But as we point out in our cruise tips, if you can package them with something else you can actually see a price decrease within the total package.  The products that we suggest on these pages can help you through what may appear to be a difficult web to discover the best prices for airline travel.  For more information on traveling to Europe, please check out www.http://bestvacationeurope.com/

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