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About Us

I love to travel!  Having spent years vacationing in Florida and living the last three years in London and touring Europe, I have quite a lot to relate from my travels.  And since traveling to these exciting places is such a passion of mine, I’m just as passionate about relating my experiences on our website.  Getting knowledge first-hand about places you are contemplating seeing will be not only interesting, but educational.

My name is Glen Wheaton, and when I visit a new city or area I like to get far beyond the tourist attractions.  Yes, they are important, or they wouldn’t be tourist attractions for long.  But every city and area has a distinct culture, and that is shaped largely by history and the way they have as a people have chosen to progress.  As an example, I now look at Paris through a much different perspective than I did after my first couple of visits.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame as well as the other attractions of the city are wonderful, and the magnificent architecture of the city is everywhere.  But not until we spent a week in the Latin Quarter did I really sense the true charm of Paris.  In order to get a true appreciation of anywhere, you have to immerse yourself and let all of your senses experience it.  That is what I will try to bring to these posts.

We will have articles on interesting things to see, places to go, and bargains that can be had when traveling to these exciting areas.  If you are planning a vacation, please consult our website and scan through our archive of articles for more information.