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A Greek Isle Cruise for History, Beauty

See the Greek Islands with a Greek Isle Cruise

To cruise the Mediterranean really is a dream vacation, and I can personally say that a Greek Isle cruise is one of my top travel experiences.  Greek Islands vacations generally run from late April to October, and most people book these cruises for seven or fourteen days.  A couple of important things to keep in mind for this trip is it can get quite hot during the summer months, and if you wish to see all there is to see, bring comfortable shoes.

Shore Excursion Locations

Starting your cruise Mediterranean as we did in Istanbul, you will begin your trip in a city of great historical importance. Try to spend some time here.  I would suggest that to see the most the city’s significant points, such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, you should hire a guide.  But make it clear to your guide at the outset that you are not there to shop (unless you are), or you will spend much of your touring time looking at carpets and other merchandise at the Grand Bazaar.

Check Out Cruising on a Smaller Ship

We took a Windstar Cruise, which is a small ship that unfurls its sails in the open water occasionally.  The ship has the benefit of getting closer to some of the smaller ports, such as Santorini, than the larger ships can negotiate.  I think also that the smaller vessels have more of a personal feel than the bigger ships, sort of like comparing a large impersonal city to a small town atmosphere.  But it doesn’t have all the amenities, so it becomes a matter of personal preference.


Greek Isle small ships cruises offer a wide range of spectacular landscapes, from mountains to beaches, and small villages built on tall hillsides above clear turquoise seas.  On the Greek Isle cruise that we took, we visited the three of the former sites of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, and could have visited the fourth, the Statue of Zeus near Athens.  For me, the highlight of our Greek Islands vacation was the ruins of Akrotiri on the Greek Island of Santorini, buried under a volcanic eruption about 3500 years ago, much like Pompeii in Italy.  Rhodes, the Greek Island off the coast of Turkey, has a castle dating to the beginning of the 13th century AD built by the Knights of St. John that was remarkable.

A Greek Isle small ships cruise offers so much as far as beauty, history, and culture, and the weather during the summer is beautiful.  I would highly recommend a Greek Island vacation, but no matter where you start your Greek Isle cruise, I would suggest you arrive a couple of days before debarking, not only to settle in with the time difference, but to enjoy the city before going on the cruise.

Before you start planning your Greek Islands vacation, check our travel website at http://bestvacationeurope.com/, as well as some thoughts on preparing for a cruise.  You will find some valuable tips and products that will help you save time and money, such as the way you can get senior travel discounts.






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