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Your Best Vacation Europe- Top European Destinations

Eiffel Tower in Paris the Most-Visited Paid Monument in the World

Traveling to Europe is getting easier every year.  Finding your best vacation Europe is not as difficult as it used to be, with language becoming less of a barrier and the internet telling us where to go and how to get there.  Today all you need is an address and an internet connection and you’re all set.  Public transportation throughout Europe is excellent, so as long as you take the time to navigate on-line metro train maps you will be pretty much trouble-free.  Not that you will never get lost, but if you don’t panic you will always be able to figure it out.  And most Europeans are glad to help, but always show them the respect you would to anyone who has invited you into their home.  As stated in Wikipedia, there is a “high level of cooperation between European countries in developing and maintaining transport networks.”

What Europe has to offer as far as history, culture, architecture and overall beauty is well worth the trip.  Some of the most visited museums and landmarks in the world are on the European Continent. Obviously different cultures have varying ways of acting as host, but that is all part of the fun of visiting different cultures.  You can travel short distances to experience entirely different worlds, and the uniqueness of Spain, for instance, is worlds apart from the culture of Germany.

On this travel site we will break our information out into four geographic areas: the British Isles, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Mediterranean area.  Each is unique not just in culture but weather, and in Europe climate conditions will play an important part in how you plan your visit.  But all of these destinations offer the traveler something different to remember.

The British Isles- A Proud History You Can See Everywhere

England has plenty to offer the visitor, but there is much more to the British Isles than the English culture.  The Welsh certainly do not think of themselves as English, as their culture is very different, as is the Scottish culture.  And Ireland is completely separate from all the others, as is the landscape and the personalities of the people.  But there is one common thread, and that is their appreciation of all of the arts.  That is something each region is very proud of, and we will talk about this in our British Isles section.

Great Britain has 21 World Heritage Sites, plus two more in Ireland.  London alone has four: Westminster Abbey (1987), The Tower of London (1988), Greenwich Maritime (1997), Kew Gardens (2003). So when you go to the British Isles you might want to build your trip around a London base. Additional sites to see in London are St. Paul’s Cathedral the theater district’s with Leicester Square as the hub, Harrods’s Department Store and Westminster Cathedral. But from London there is ample train travel to anywhere on the island, and it’s just a short plane trip to Ireland, and for that matter you can get almost anywhere in the entire continent of Europe in less than three hours.

Eastern Europe- For a Best Vacation Europe, It’s Still a Bargain in Many Places

Whenever you think of Eastern Europe, a long troubled history of war and hard-line Communist regimes could be what leap to mind. You will find, however, lush countrysides and idyllic coastlines, scenic mountains along with unique architecture.  There is a thrilling art scene and active nightlife to make your vacation to this part of Europe far from depressing.  Unless you like winter activities, avoid that time of year. Unless you like winter activities, avoid the winter time of year.

As with almost anywhere you can still be able get some senior concessions, so always inquire.  Eastern Europe is, in general, still an excellent budget destination, but as tourism increases, you will have to do some investigative work to get the most effective values. Tourism is escalating because it has a great deal to offer the vacationer, and world travelers are finding out about it. Right now might be the best time to visit historic Eastern Europe on a smaller budget.

Western Europe the Cities Are Marvelous but there is More

When most people think of Western Europe they think of the magnificent cities like Paris, Amsterdam or Munich. If you are into history, there is so much to see here from the two world wars and before.  If you like wine and food, this is truly a perfect place to be.  Each area has its own story to tell, and getting around is really quite easy.  Plus the language barriers here, especially in the major cities are not as great an issue as they were just a few years ago; most people are multilingual and most understand English well. But it is fun to try to communicate with people in their native language, and they will appreciate it.

Speaking of cities in Western Europe, Paris is probably the one you might use as a hub to visit this region. There are many iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, but they highlight of Paris is its architecture.  Paris is a great walking city and by staying close to the Seine River you see much of it. But you also have to get into the Parisian neighborhoods, and that is where the true charm of Paris lies.

A second great city that any traveler to Europe should have hundreds of scenery is Amsterdam. The city is virtually the web of canals dividing the city, and these waterways give it its charming atmosphere. As with all large cities there are great museums. Two of these honor a couple of the great artists in Dutch history: Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

The Mediterranean- The Best Place in the Winter Months

From Spain to Istanbul, the history, food, culture and art are something everyone should experience.  And so much of what there is to offer is in its natural state.  This will be some of the best scenery you will find anywhere in the world, and tourism is a very important part of their economy, so they are there to take care of the tourists.

One of the best ways to explore the Mediterranean area is on a cruise. Most of the major sites of this area of Europe are located within a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea, so a cruise can be a simple yet economical way of seeing everything you want to see. And when exploring the Mediterranean don’t forget about the Greek islands. There are numerous options for cruises in the eastern area of the Mediterranean that will make for an unforgettable trip.

I look forward to posting articles on all of these areas, as I have personal experience in many of the places in Europe.


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